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It’s 12 O’Clock Somewhere

This pretty little bottle may have come into my possession around 10:30 am this morning. It felt kinda wrong, to be shopping in the liquor store before I’d even had lunch. And yet, I was definitely not the only person in there. I did enjoy browsing all the fun liqueurs in the store – like […]

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3 Year Plan

Today started off not so great, with a container of moldy Greek yogurt (not even past its best before date!), but ended on high, due to this little email. I received my offer of admission into the Dietetics program at UBC! I cannot begin to express how excited I was when I got the email. […]

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Bulk Bin Bites

One of my favourite sections of the grocery store is the bulk bin section. You can get a plethora of fun foods there, in whatever quantity your heart desires. But I consider my relationship a love/hate relationship – it’s really easy to just pick up a few snacks you don’t really need, but sound like […]

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