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12 Great Green Recipes to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Green is my favourite colour, so I’m pretty excited when St Patrick’s Day rolls around, and everyone is decked out in my favourite hue! It’s no surprise that I’m also a huge fan of green foods – no, not the ones dyed with food colouring, but the naturally occurring ones. Something about even the smallest […]

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Bacon, Cheddar & Mushroom Quiche

Greetings from the new Northern Blogging Headquarters! Yes, we are all moved in to our new home – a lovely 2 bedroom townhouse which I am quickly becoming very fond of. It’s amazing what you can get for the same rent as in downtown Vancouver here in Prince George. I’d share a photo or two, […]

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Asparagus & Mushroom Quiche

I may have mentioned on the blog once or twice that I don’t really like eggs. While that statement is mostly true, I do make some exceptions. One of them is quiche. I can’t really tell you why that is. Perhaps it’s the pastry? The fact that it’s mixed with a bunch of other stuff […]

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