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Welcome To Internship!

It’s official – I’m a dietetic intern. Last week was orientation week at my core site hospital. Not gonna lie – I was an excited ball of nerves on the first day, because I had no idea what to expect. And when my first bus was late, and then my second, I had a minor […]

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The Breakfast Breakup

I have a confession. One that might get me shunned from the food blog world.   I’m over oatmeal.   It’s true – oatmeal and I are no longer right for each other. Just the thought of making a bowl, and then eating it sends my stomach into pains. I don’t know what happened, but […]

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In With The New

Today was such a dark, misty, rainy day here. You would never know that summer officially only a few days away. Hell, it was only 11 degrees Celsius all day at my house! Even though I don’t like super hot weather and don’t tan worth a damn, I would like to see some sun before […]

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