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Apple Pie Overnight Oats

I go through phases with breakfast. Sometimes I’m all about making smoothies, other times it’s all about the oatmeal. Granola and yogurt, toast with peanut butter, poached egg sammies, and avocado toast have all had their time as well. I’m not sure what drives it – it could be what I happen to have on […]

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Christmas Un-Baking – Raw Fudgy Snowballs

As promised, I have some more un-baking to share with you today. And again, they are balls. What can I say, they are easy and fun to make. And if I call them snowballs, it makes them seasonal…right? 😉 These are not exactly some novel creation – I’m sure you have seen variations all over […]

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Homework Power Snacking

Now that I’m back at school I get to endure my lengthy transit commute again. Which, let’s face it, generally sucks. But there are some positives – such as the fact that I’m now going past Whole Foods on a regular basis again. Actually, that could be both a positive and a negative now that […]

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