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Farmer’s Markets & Quinoa – Take 2

The theme of farmer’s markets and quinoa carried over from Saturday into Sunday. Not exactly a bad thing if you ask me. After a delightful sleep in, I started my day off with something new. This would be the surprise package I received in the mail on Friday – Vega’s new Shake & Go Smoothie! […]

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Just One

Just one meal for you today folks! I had unexpected lunch and dinner occasions arise today, so all I’ve got for you today is breakfast, basking in the sunshine. I love when the Greek yogurt container only has enough for one serving left. That way I don’t have to dirty another dish 🙂 Just throw […]

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Playoff Fever

My morning started off way too early when my alarm went off at 5:30 am. After turning off the blasted thing, I laid in bed, having a little dialogue with myself, on whether I wanted to actually get up then or not. It went something like this: “If I get up now, I have time […]

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