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Sugar Mama

I seem to have amassed a vast quantity of sugary products in the past few days. You can blame the after-Easter chocolate sales for these. Dark chocolate Mini Eggs – seriously, like crack. But not cracked eggs. Those are just messy.   Robin’s Eggs – aka oblong Maltesers. Love the way they melt your mouth. […]

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A Whole Lotta Green

I had all intentions of blogging last night, but alas, my evening changed quickly when work asked me to stay until closing as someone called in sick. Since I’m such a wonderful person, I said yes, and was basically ready for bed when I got home. No worries though – we’ll check out yesterday right […]

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In The Dark

***This post was meant to go up Thursday morning, but due to the power outage and technical difficulties with my laptop, it was a no go until Thursday night. I hope you still enjoy!*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry about no post last night, but my house was left powerless, and therefore internetless for the evening. No clue […]

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