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Mediterranean Veggie Bagelwich

On our last day of classes, a group of us 4th year Dietetics students went out to celebrate with lunch at Burgoo – a great soup/sandwich/stew/fondue restaurant close to campus (I’ve been there a few times before, and posted about them here). I was really tempted to get my favourite sandwich – the Vegiterranean. It’s […]

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Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread

During my visit to the Ladner Village Market last weekend (where I picked up that amazing hand pie), I found the most fabulous little booth from Misty Mountain Specialties. The only thing they sold were mushrooms. But what made them so special was this little package.   Let’s get a closer look…   They were […]

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Get ‘Em While They Last

It’s that time…look what we have in stock at work! Local BC strawberries! I may have been a little more than excited to see them, especially being sold at my grocery store. Most major grocery stores won’t stock them, because of their short shelf life and limited quantity. But if you’re lucky, you too can […]

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