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Berry Bluebarb Smoothie

All of a sudden it sure seems like it’s summer here in BC – so little rain, so many sunny days, and lots of heat. The kind of weather that has you rolling down the windows in the car, trading your pants for shorts, and breaking out the fans. The kind of weather than has […]

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2015 Cookbook Challenge – Part 2

Remember back at the beginning of the year when I said I was going to challenge myself to cook from all of my cookbooks throughout 2015? And I was going to post monthly updates on how that was going? Yeah…seems that I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon. Or more that the wagon has slowed […]

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Vanilla Rhubarb Crumble

I love going to the farmer’s market every week to see what new produce is finally in season, so I can create fresh and delicious things in my kitchen. One of my favourite things to hold out for is local rhubarb. I used to have the privilege of what seemed like a never ending free […]

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