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A Taste Of The Weekend

I feel very content with the eats I had this weekend. There wasn’t anything overly complicated, no new recipes tried out, no crazy food events to attend. Just some good, simple food, including a traditional Sunday night dinner care of my mom. I guess in a way, it mirrored my activities for the weekend. Would […]

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School’s Out For Summer!

Why hello there summer vacation, how are you? As you know, I’ve kicked off my summer vacation with a bang – or least some fun – by going to The Wellness Show this past weekend. I’ve also watched some hockey, socialized with friends,, hit up the gym, and worked. It’s been good times all around, […]

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In The Dark

***This post was meant to go up Thursday morning, but due to the power outage and technical difficulties with my laptop, it was a no go until Thursday night. I hope you still enjoy!*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry about no post last night, but my house was left powerless, and therefore internetless for the evening. No clue […]

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