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Rude Awakening

I’m a wee bit sleepy today. My silly cat woke me up at 5 am this morning. I don’t actually know what she was doing, but it seemed like she was chasing her tail all over my bed while I was trying to sleep in it. It was pretty funny, but I did not want […]

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Round 2 Begins Tonight

Finally, my beloved Canucks are back in action! Tonight is the first game of the 2nd round, against those Chicago Blackhawks. Less than two hours until puck drop 😀 I sure am getting good at throwing together lunches quickly in the morning. I guess I could take the time in the evening to make them, […]

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Hamming It Up

Another Monday at work. At least I had my office to myself today, as the person I share with was away. It’s always nice to have your own space 🙂 And it wasn’t too busy – busy enough I had things to do, but not where I felt crazed to get them done. And it […]

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