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The Silence Has Ended!

Why hello there dear blog readers – hopefully there are still some of you around? I apologize for my extended absence. It was not intended. Turns out life was happening, and unfortunately this was what had to fall by the wayside. But I’m back, and plan to be here for awhile. So where exactly have […]

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It Was The Kinda Day…

It was the kinda day where you wake up to your alarm, and decide 3 hours of commute via transit for a 50 min physiology lecture is not worth getting out of your warm bed for. So I went back to sleep. It was the kinda day where you finally awaken and need a warm, […]

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Donning My Chef’s Hat

Another day off from work, another unintentional sleep in. Oops! I really did plan on getting out of bed at a decent time, but I may have stayed up until 3 am reading. In my defence though – I couldn’t fall asleep, so reading was the only logical thing to do. When I did finally […]

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