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Today was just all over the map, and hardly anything went as planned. It all started out when I slept in way later than planned. By the time I got up, I had to decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch, or a little bit of both. I went with the last option. My mini […]

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A Visit To My “Other” Home

When I was living in Victoria, I often thought how I wanted to move back to Metro Vancouver, as it always felt like home. When I came back this past summer, I was glad to be back, to reconnect with friends and family, and rediscover all my old favourites around the city. This past weekend […]

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The Heat Is ON!

Well, the lack of hot water sure was short lived. My parents phoned a plumber to come in and look at the hot water tank. One part, and a service call later, we had hot, steamy water on demand again. Hot water wasn’t the only positive for the day. Breakfast was pretty freakin’ awesome. I […]

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