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This Post Is Brought To You By The Letter “B”

Oh Sesame Street – we had some good times. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen that show. Probably because there are no wee ones in my life (and I am totally okay with that). Foods that start with B were prominent in my eats tonight. First there was dinner – BBQ beef burgers […]

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Fun With Fungi

Another day of my summer holidays has come and gone. Too bad I waste so much of the day refusing to get out of bed. After forcing myself out of bed and doing the eye check (only a little pink now – woot!), I wandered on into the kitchen to rustle up some grub. I […]

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A New Addition To The Family

Mission successful! Look what I brought home. A baby brother for my DSLR. Also known as the Canon SD960. Or one sexy little point in shoot 😉 It’s true – I bought myself a birthday present a wee bit early. What can I say, they dropped the price on the camera by $50, so how […]

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