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Baking Bread

I had another recipe assignment due for school this week (remember the first, where I baked these muffins?). This time I decided to bake some yeast bread from scratch.   Since I had already used a recipe from a cookbook for my last assignment, I decide to search out a recipe on a manufacturer’s website […]

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Baking Makes Me Happy

Thanks for all your well wishes and thoughts for my mom. She’s still in the hospital, waiting to see the specialist (due to some sort of delay). She’s is doing better though, so hopefully we’ll have everything figured out soon. Last night I had the urge to bake. Cookies in fact. It gave me something […]

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The Best Homework

…is the kind that doesn’t seem like homework at all.   And the fact that you get to eat it afterwards? Well, that’s just an added bonus! You see, for my Food Theory Applications class – the one where we get to cook for 3 hours every Thursday – we have to do some recipe […]

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