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Saturday Night Shopping

What do you do when you find yourself without plans on a Saturday night, with an itch to get out of the house? When all of your friends seem to already have plans? When your parents are having company over? Why yes – get out and go shopping! Sure, it helps that it’s Christmas time […]

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Get Your Summer On

I’m gonna be honest – I was starting to think summer weather was never going to arrive here in Vancouver. We have had so many cool, cloudy, rainy days leading up to July, it seemed like we were just going to skip on through from spring to fall. But just when all hope was almost […]

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DC National Conference 2011 – Day 4

Day 4…the last day of my first ever Dietitians of Canada National Conference. I was a little excited to be going home, but also a little sad the conference was already over. It was a whirlwind of events, networking, and learning! Like every day of the conference, this one started much the same – up […]

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