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Christmas Week 2010 – The Festive Drink

The Christmas season brings with a vast array of treats that are only available for a short period of time. It’s amazing how many more products you’ll find in the grocery store for the month leading up to Christmas Day. From baked goods to chocolates, candies to specialty items, it’s no wonder Christmas is often […]

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Time To Learn Yiddish

Ahhhh….another long day, and another long post. Such is the life of a student at the end of the semester. I started off my morning a little later than planned, but breakfast was ready and waiting for me. Leftover waffles from dinner last night. Perfect – all they needed was a little zap in my […]

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Ice Is Nice

I have watched many hours of ice sports on TV this weekend. It was a hockey & figure skating extravaganza! It’s making me long to get back out there myself. Oh skating, why you gotta be so expensive? I started my Sunday morning…well….with very little morning left. Oops! Breakfast basically turned into lunch. I went […]

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