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The Silence Has Ended!

Why hello there dear blog readers – hopefully there are still some of you around? I apologize for my extended absence. It was not intended. Turns out life was happening, and unfortunately this was what had to fall by the wayside. But I’m back, and plan to be here for awhile. So where exactly have […]

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The Big Chill

You may remember we had some snow recently. Well, this is the current weather forecast for Metro Vancouver:   Did someone say BRRRR?! So what is one to do when faced with a big chill? Make sure to eat a warm breakfast.   Oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, and snow white chocolate chips. Ensure your […]

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A Good Start To The Week

I had grandiose plans of posting last night, but you know how sometimes time just gets away from you? By the time I got home from work, helped mom with dinner, consumed dinner, hit up the gym, and did my online assignment for the week…well, it was well past sleepy time. So today, you get […]

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