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Fish, Fish, And More Fish

I’m soon going to be growing fins and gills here!   Weird side note – I have a friend who is afraid of fish. Like, freaks out afraid of fish. She can’t watch Finding Nemo. We once got into an elevator, and it had a fish tank in it. It was not a fun elevator […]

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Friday = Takeout

Yes, it’s another instalment of Friday Night Takeout at my house. You’ll be happy to note, that we did not have pizza or Chinese food. I know, how is that possible? Those are the 2 standbys around here. But I put my foot down (or just whined alot). I had really hoped we could get […]

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One Fish, Two Fish

Red Fish, Blue Fish! When I was at the offload last night, all I could smell was fish & chips. Not exactly odd, since the fish store is right beside a fish & chips place! Even after all the halibut slime, it still didn’t turn me off wanting some batter & fried halibut. Since I […]

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