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Taste Test – Coconut Curry Marinated Tempeh

Picture it – I get home from late after a busy day at internship. Stomach is growling. Dinner needs to be something quick and easy. But alas, I have nothing planned. The horror! So I rummage through the freezer to see if anything looks inspiring. Shoved somewhere under the frozen blueberries I find this long […]

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A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Can you believe it’s October 1st already? Didn’t September just start?! Where does the time go…   My Saturday evening has been spent doing various school-related tasks, some which involve scouring for autumn-themed recipes in my vast cookbook collection.   See, sometimes homework isn’t all bad. And I’ve had my favourite furry study buddy here […]

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Pumpkin Week – Pumpkin Miso Soup

Pumpkin Week continues! Check out the first post here. Although we often equate pumpkin with sweet treats like pie and tarts, it also makes a great addition to savoury dishes. Autumn weather makes me crave soups, so it seemed like the obvious choice for a savoury pumpkin dish experiment. But instead of just your typical […]

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