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Hockey Is Here

Today hockey season really starts back in action – every single team in the league is playing tonight. In fact, my team has already played (and lost) their game today. Should make for a very interesting day in our hockey pool 🙂 But wait – what happened to me last night? Well, my dad, sister, […]

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Gorging On Garbanzos

Hello wonderful readers. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday so far, and that it’s not nearly as rainy where you are as it is here   It’s been an on & off downpour all day. This has just reaffirmed to me that I need a new waterproof jacket, and some new shoes. I […]

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Fun With Stats

I’ve spent a good part of my evening burying my head in hockey stats. I think this is one of the only uses of stats I actually find fun. Even if I never win the hockey pool While I was crunching numbers, I also crunched on this. Terra Blue Potato Chips. I picked these up […]

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