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The Versatile Egg Sammy

As I may have previously mentioned, my aversion to the humble egg has ended. I don’t know what it was that provoked me to give it a go, as I have proclaimed my dislike of eggs for years! But one day I had it in my head that I wanted to like eggs, and I […]

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This Bread Is Pretty Killer

I can’t believe it has been over a week since I took a jaunt down to the US of A for a little foodie shopping fun. As you may recall, I picked up a plethora of blog world delights that I can’t get up here in Canada, including a loaf of the famed Dave’s Killer […]

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Slept In…Twice

In one day even! Such is the story of my life, eh? I am forever sleeping in. You’d think eventually I would learn to just go to bed earlier, but I’m a night owl at heart. I just can’t do it! And this is the reason I’m posting about Tuesday now, on Wednesday evening at […]

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