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Christmas Week 2010 – The Festive Drink

The Christmas season brings with a vast array of treats that are only available for a short period of time. It’s amazing how many more products you’ll find in the grocery store for the month leading up to Christmas Day. From baked goods to chocolates, candies to specialty items, it’s no wonder Christmas is often […]

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Make A Run For The Border

This morning I was up bright and early, despite it being a day off from school. I served myself a hearty oatmeal breakfast. Oats, milk, apple, goji berries, chia seeds, vanilla, almond butter. I gathered up essential items for the day… …as I was taking a little shopping road trip to Bellingham, WA! I know […]

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Foodie Interlude

OMG – a post that doesn’t mention the “O” word. Don’t worry, they’ll be back. I just thought I’d mix things up a bit by throwing in, oh, I don’t know, a food post on my food blog. Crazy concept, I know! I hummed and hawed over what to post, as I have been amassing […]

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