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The Switch Up

This morning I got a little wild and crazy with breakfast. It involved a fork. My sister was making her lunch, packing some leftover mac & cheese. There was only one serving left, and since I’d had it for lunch the other day… …it ended up in my cereal bowl. Oh yes, I ate delicious […]

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Peachy Keen

Here I am, blogging from the ferry on my way home from the island. Sadly, there is no Wi-Fi onboard, but at least this will be ready to post when I walk in the door, so I can hit the sack ASAP! It’s been one long day. I started my long day bright and early […]

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Gorging On Garbanzos

Hello wonderful readers. Hope you are all having a great Tuesday so far, and that it’s not nearly as rainy where you are as it is here   It’s been an on & off downpour all day. This has just reaffirmed to me that I need a new waterproof jacket, and some new shoes. I […]

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