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Who Likes English Muffins?

I do! I do! What can I say – those doughy, spongy little wonders are delicious. I think because they have the crevices that fill up with whatever tasty spread you put on top. Kinda like waffles, but not really. As I’m sure you can guess – I had one for breakfast. Topped with peanut […]

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From One Extreme To Another

Not only was today the LAST DAY OF CLASSES (woo!), but I went from being a charity case to having a job offer in the span of 2 hours. Crazy I tell ya! But how did my day begin? Why with an early wake up and breakfast of course! I went the simple route, and […]

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Oh So Close

Only more day to go, and classes are over for the semester. I’m so looking forward to sleeping past 6 am during the week! But let’s start at the beginning this morning. I woke up, and was in the mood for the most basic of breakfasts – cereal and milk. I had planned on going […]

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