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Tuna Melt Quesadilla

One day I was trying to decide what to make for lunch. I opened the cupboards, and saw a can of tuna. I thought “Great, I’ll make a tuna sandwich”. So I open the fridge to get out the pickles – you can’t have a tuna sandwich without pickles – and I see there is […]

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Today I woke up to snow. So I went back to bed. Only crazy people would brave a 3 hour round trip transit commute for a 1.5 hour lecture. Because you know that 3 hours commute could easily turn into more. When I got back out of bed, it was still snowing.    So I […]

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It is official – summer has arrived to Metro Vancouver. Can we say about freakin’ time? It’s only July 5th. Today was sunny and pleasant, but they are talking we might get temperatures up over 30 degrees C inland from the water this week. Sure, it’s nothing like the heat wave going through the east […]

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