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London Fog Chia Breakfast Pudding

Have you ever tried a London Fog before? I might be a bit obsessed – they are pretty much my go-to coffee shop order these days. For those that don’t know, a London Fog is an earl grey tea latte with vanilla syrup. It’s sweet, floral, creamy, and delicious. Rumour has it the drink originated […]

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Taste Test – The Republic of Tea

It seems only appropriate that I write a post about tea while I’m at home sick with a cold, seeing as I’m pretty sure I will be drinking copious amounts of the hot beverage today. I’m already on my first giant mug right now! I have to admit, I am a bit of a tea […]

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Honey Vanilla Fig Spread

Remember those 30 ripe figs I had from my sister’s tree? So a couple of days later, my neighbour showed up at our door with another 16 figs from her dad’s farm. Fig overload! I knew there was no way I could eat all those figs as is before they went bad (even if they […]

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