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Vanilla Rooibos Apple Butter

One of our neighbours (the one who loaned me the Vita-Mix to play with) brought us a bag of apples. But these weren’t just any apples. They were teeny tiny apples! The kind my friend Mara would appreciate. I added my Blackberry and a loonie (Canadian $1 coin) for size comparison. They weren’t crab apples, […]

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Getting It Done

Guess who completely lucked out this afternoon? That would be me 😀 The class I needed magically had some open spots, so now I’m registered in all 5 classes I need to get. Woohoo! Three of those classes are actually worth 6 credits instead of 3 like most classes, so it’s more like I’m taking […]

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It’s All About Me

Today was a total “me” day, and it was great! I had no where I had to be, no evening plans, so I just went about my day how I saw fit. And looks like tomorrow will be more of the same. A “me” weekend! I hit up my usual grocery shopping places – The […]

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