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The No Blender Required Smoothie

One thing I have been craving like mad lately is smoothies. The problem being – we have no blender. Our Magic Bullet has kicked the bucket, and I’m not willing to spend money on a crappy blender that I’m just going to have to replace again, but can’t really justify dropping a lot of money […]

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The Great Outdoors

Days like today just make you want to spend as much time as possible outside. It was sunny, but not too hot (like we had last week), with a little bit of a breeze. Perfect for sitting out on the back deck reading the day away, going for a walk in a local park, or […]

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Bacon & Bakin’

And…I’m back! I told you I’d be back with a Tuesday recap. So much to share, so little time. Let’s get cracking. I started off my 3 day stint off from work by…you guessed it – sleeping in! That’s not entirely true. I did wake up around 8, wandered around the house, and decided to […]

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