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Keeping It Cool

The heat has officially arrived! Nary a cloud in the sky today. I think at one point we reached a whopping 33 degrees Celsius here. From 15 to 33 in a matter of days – no easing into summer this year. And it’s only supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Needless to say, heating up the […]

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Personal Shopper

I was all prepared to enjoy a nice day off from work today…when the phone rang at 8:30 am. Can you guess who was calling? This time it was our Comp Services department – the people who shop, pack, and deliver our online and phone orders. In all fairness, I did say that I was […]

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Naps, Lobster, Music, And More

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week has started off great. Aside from a pesky little work shift this morning, mine sure has 🙂 Sure, I did have to get up earlier than I wanted to. Much earlier than I wanted to. I was sleepy this morning! So was Sienna – she didn’t even get […]

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