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DC National Conference 2011 – Day 2

Day 2 was the official first day of the DC National Conference, and it started bright and early. Considering I had a long travel day the night before, and my sister text messaged me at 12:30 am (forgetting about the time change), I was definitely low on energy when I dragged myself out of bed […]

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That about sums up how I’m feeling today. And it has pretty much nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. I’m on Reading Break, and had a great weekend away in Victoria, only to come home and find out my mom is now in the hospital with massive nose bleeds that they are having trouble controlling. […]

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Girl’s Night

Saturday night had the rare opportunity to do some entertaining, with one of my oldest friends coming over a good ol’ fashioned girl’s night. We’ve known each other since kindergarten – went to school together, went to university together, travelled across the country together, and were in Brownies and Guides together. Lots of memories, lots […]

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