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Savour the Tastes of Summer

You know why summer is one of the best times to be a foodie? There are so many delicious, healthy, and colourful local fruits and vegetables available – from berries to corn, peaches to zucchini. Not to mention all those great opportunities to enjoy your meals al fresco – think backyard BBQ’s, picnics in the […]

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Watermelime Popsicles

Summer is in full swing, and I don’t know about where you are, but it’s been a hot summer so far up here! This has me longing for things like cool bodies of water to dip my toes (or entire self) in, shady trees to read under, and icy cool treats. And while there is […]

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Tropical Watermelon Smoothie

We have just reached the half way point of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge (which, you can read about here). Have you been following my smoothie journey on Instagram or Twitter? Take a moment and go check out some of my smoothie creations – lots of good ones, I swear! Today I thought I’d share one […]

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