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Squirrel Sighting At AJ’s Organic Cafe

This past weekend I made a trip to my second home – Victoria, BC – to celebrate my birthday. If that sounds familiar, it might be because I did the same thing last year. What can I say, my birthday is a great excuse to go visit my friends I left behind on the island. […]

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Midnight Musings

It’s after midnight – time to do some musing.   1. Buying a 1 lb tub of baby spinach might not be the best idea when you are the only one who will eat it. Side salads with every meal! Green smoothies galore! No wrap is complete without a little spinach!   2. Hazelnut milk […]

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What’s The Green Stuff In There?

Sometimes you can fool people, and hide greens in their foods. Like if I gave you this smoothie I had for breakfast – would you know it contained any greens? Sure, it’s posing with some greenery (and purplery?), but doesn’t look green to me. That’s what happens when you blend up some frozen mango, yogurt, […]

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