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Zucchini Salmon Cakes

Salmon is one of my favourite fish, and I am so lucky to live on the west coast where we have fresh, local, wild salmon available. But I do find that if I’m going to cook up a nice fillet of sockeye salmon, I want to do it on the day I purchase it. It’s […]

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Facts About Food Bloggers & Oatmeal

Fact – Healthy food bloggers (generally) love oatmeal. Fact – Said bloggers like to top their oatmeal with things like nut butters. Melty, delicious nut butters. Fact – Said bloggers like to add various ingredients to their oatmeal. Bananas seem to be the most popular addition. Fact – Sometimes said bloggers like to get even […]

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When Life Hands You Bananas, Bake!

During my house sitting adventures, I have made many a pit stop back at my house, to stop in, see my cat, and pick up random items. On one trip, my dad told me to take the 3 almost black bananas sitting out on the counter. See, my mom was away, my sister was at […]

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